AVICIIWhile it’s true that the melody and the title are regarded as the most important parts of a song, it would be a huge mistake to believe that the quality of the lyrics doesn’t really matter if your song has a strong melody, a catchy hook and great beats.

As the award-winning songwriter and producer Francis ‘Eg’ White once remarked: “If you’ve got a killer tune and a killer set of chord changes and you’ve got no lyrics, you’re screwed.”

And just to prove that writers should never settle for lyrics that they know are second-best, new research from YouTube shows that lyrics are becoming more important than ever.

According to YouTube, searches for the term ‘lyric video’ are now at an all-time high. The Google-owned video-sharing website claims that some 100 days’ worth of videos with ‘lyric video’ in the title have been uploaded so far in 2014 (attracting more than 850 million views). And more major artists are now creating their own official lyric videos as a teaser for their official music video.

YouTube says Avicii’s lyric video for ‘Wake Me Up’ currently tops the ‘most viewed’ list, having been watched almost 199 million times.

Here is YouTube’s list of the Top 10 most popular lyric videos of all time:

1. Avicii – ‘Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)’: 198,525,542 views

2. Avicii – ‘Hey Brother (Lyric)’: 137,056,523

3. Maroon 5 – ‘Payphone (Lyric Video) ft. Wiz Khalifa’: 117,022,809

4. Adele – ‘Skyfall (Lyric Video)’: 98,440,284

5. Christina Perri – ‘A Thousand Years’: 84,700,444

6. Katy Perry – ‘Roar (Lyric Video)’: 76,791,132

7. One Direction – ‘Rock Me (Lyric Video)’: 67,608,064

8. David Guetta – ‘Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyric Video)’: 73,957,630

9. Ariana Grande – ‘Problem (Lyric Video) ft. Iggy Azalea’: 59,862,736

10. Bruno Mars – ‘When I Was Your Man (Lyrics)’: 57,789,851

Here’s the chart-topping Official Lyric Video for Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ …

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