The 40 most common lyric writing mistakes are exposed in this new book by experienced music publisher and music consultant Brian Oliver.

Written in an easy, non-technical style, the book identifies the most frequent causes of lyric writing problems and aims to help aspiring songwriters steer clear of the many traps they can easily fall into when writing lyrics for their songs.

“How [Not] To Write Great Lyrics!” takes a close look at the essential lyrical elements found in the structure of all hit songs. It highlights and analyses the most common errors made when these key components are built into a song, and offers expert advice on how new writers can try to avoid such mistakes in their own lyrics.

The book gives new writers a wide range of valuable advice—from how to prevent common errors in the basic construction of their lyrics … to the perils of making bad choices when it comes to titles, opening lines, lyrical hooks, verb selection, clichés, and rhyming patterns.

In addition, the book shows how to avoid common failings such as putting the most important phrases in the wrong place … and not making sure the lyrics are ‘singable’.

“How [Not] To Write Great Lyrics!” also highlights other causes of lyric writing problems—such as an unsatisfactory writing environment … not paying enough attention to ‘creative preparation’ … and not taking steps to avoid writer’s block.

Most writers have, at some stage, had to endure the pain and disappointment of having their songs rejected because music publishers or record companies didn’t think their lyrics were good enough—and many writers have ended up asking themselves: “Could I have done more to make my lyrics better?”

This book aims to help writers recognize any weaknesses in their lyrics, so they can re-work them, make them stronger, and hopefully achieve the breakthrough that they’re striving for.

The music industry has been going through major changes in recent years. As a result, competition is now even more intense. So it’s more important than ever for writers to make sure their lyrics stand out from the crowd by avoiding the traps and pitfalls that many inexperienced writers fall into.

The book’s author, Brian Oliver, warns that new writers’ chances of success could be hampered if they fail to spend enough time polishing their lyrics and eliminating any weaknesses.

“How [Not] To Write Great Lyrics!” aims to help new writers produce better lyrics, while avoiding fundamental errors at each key stage in the song development process.

It includes important tips on fixing and strengthening lyrics, along with a comprehensive checklist of more than 100 potential hazards that writers can measure their own lyrics against—no matter how ‘finished’ they think their songs are.

“How [Not] To Write Great Lyrics! – 40 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Lyrics For Your Songs” is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a US paperback, UK paperback and as an eBook from Amazon’s Kindle Store. It is also available from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, and KoboBooks.

Read a FREE sample of the book HERE (USA), HERE (UK), HERE (Australia) and HERE (Canada).

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