In an earlier story, we asked How many songwriters does it take to write a hit song? According to US singer-songwriter Ke$ha, it only takes a pair!

She recently told US TV chat show host Conan O’Brien that it’s her breasts that write most of her hit songs.

When Conan asked Ke$ha to explain how she writes her songs, she revealed that her latest songwriting technique involves turning off the lights, lowering her boobs over her piano, and bouncing them on the keys to create a melody.

“I just let them tickle the ivories,” said Ke$ha. “It started as like a joke, but it seriously has produced some of my favourite songs on my new record.”

So, another songwriting duo for Songwriters Hall of Fame chairman Jimmy Webb to consider for an award.

And another songwriting team to add to that prestigious list that includes George and Ira Gershwin, Bacharach and David, Lennon and McCartney…

Watch Ke$ha explaining her new songwriting process HERE…

What titles would you suggest for some boobs-written songs?

Photo: Becky Sullivan

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