Spotify is launching Secret Genius, a global initiative that, the company says, is designed to highlight the contribution songwriters make to the music industry and artists’ careers.

At the same time, though, Sony/ATV Music Publishing’s chairman and CEO Martin Bandier is calling on music streaming services like Spotify to fully credit songwriters on their sites.

“I’ve always believed that songwriters are not getting proper recognition,” said Bandier. “This is even more prevalent today on the leading music streaming services. Far too often the songwriter’s contribution is overlooked or even forgotten. I have no doubt that this lack of public recognition has played a major part in why songwriters are not treated on an equal basis as the recording artist.”

According to Spotify, its Secret Genius scheme will launch multiple programs that aim to strengthen the streaming giant’s commitment to supporting the creative community. Initiatives will include an ambassador program, global songwriting workshops, The Secret Genius Awards, special podcasts and curated playlists.

“Songwriters and producers are the backbone of the industry and we want to help celebrate these incredibly talented people,” said Troy Carter, Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services. “The goal of Secret Genius is to give credit where credit is due by shining a light on these amazing creators.”

The Secret Genius Awards will aim to honour the best songwriters and producers while the Secret Genius Podcasts will feature interviews with the songwriters behind some of today’s biggest hits.

Thirteen leading songwriters from around the world will also host a special Songshop where they will invite their peers to collaborate to create a hit song.

Songwriter Justin Tranter (DNCE, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber) said: “Spotify cracked the magical code of how to make music consumption really work in the digital age. So I’m honoured to be a part of them taking that one step further with their Secret Genius ambassador program. Working with some of the most talented artists, producers and fellow writers in the world has allowed me to make music the whole world has heard, and I’m excited to share that even more.”

However, Sony/ATV’s Martin Bandier insists that streaming services should focus on making the public aware of the songwriter’s contribution in the same way as the label credits of old on physical records.

“When I look today at the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, I ask: where are the names of the songwriters?” said Bandier. “It’s as if the songwriters do not exist and the only people who matter are the recording artists. However, without the songwriters coming up with the words and music in the first place, there would be nothing for the artist to record and no music to stream.

“The wider world – and most especially streaming companies – must start to fully acknowledge the essential contribution that songwriters make to music and to the success of the music business. And that should start by identifying them today.”

Bandier added: “So I call upon all music streaming services and others to prominently show the names of the songwriters who wrote the songs just as they clearly credit the artists who recorded them. It’s a tiny step but a hugely symbolic one that will once again put the role of the songwriter front and center and remind everyone of the songwriter’s vital contribution to music and the industry.”

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