Take That’s Gary Barlow has announced that the second single from his new solo album Since I Saw You Last will be ‘Face to Face’ on which he duets with his long-time friend and songwriting hero Elton John.

Gary has also revealed that ‘Face to Face’ was written as a thank-you note to Elton John for sticking by him during his wilderness years after Take That split up in 1996 and his solo career flopped first time around in the late 1990s. The song is also a pointed riposte to Gary’s friends and colleagues who deserted him and treated him like a pariah during that period.

“It’s a respect song,” he recently told the Daily Telegraph. “I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who kept in touch with me when nobody else wanted to know me and Elton was one of them. I’ll never forget that.”

The song and video for ‘Face To Face’ were recorded and filmed in only four hours at London’s Abbey Road Studios earlier this year, with Gary and Elton completing their vocals in only a handful of takes.

Here’s the official video for ‘Face to Face’ which will be released on January 20, 2014:

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